We are constantly seeking undergraduate/graduate students to participate in our group’s research. We have multiple well-funded openings for PhD students, postdocs, RAPs, and RAs in our group.

Prospective PhD Students

We are actively looking for highly self-motivated students who are exciting about AIoT systems, especially about wireless sensing, mobile computing, robotic perception, automotive sensing, contactless healthcare, smart eldercare, etc. Candidates who majored in CS/EE/Automation and related fields with any of the following backgrounds are encouraged to apply: signal processing, wireless communications, applied machine learning, computer networks, mobile and embedded systems. Solid theoretical and programming skills are both welcome.

Interested individuals may contact Prof. Chenshu Wu via email ( with (1) your CV (please include your GPA and ranking), (2) a copy of your transcripts, and (3) a brief description of your background and research interests (related to the below topics). Please use the email subject as “[Prospective Student] Your Name - Your Affiliation”.

Detailed application information can be found at HKU CS PhD Admission.

  • Deadline for Early Recruitment Scheme: Sept. 1st, 2022
  • After the early recruitment deadline, you are welcome to apply for our main round.

Research Topics: At the core of the emerging AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) is not only ubiquitous connectivity but also the pervasive sensing capability to perceive the physical world. Towards this goal, our research vision is to advance Wireless AI Perception by transforming everywhere wireless infrastructure into a ubiquitous sensing platform, allowing computing devices to sense pervasively and see beyond the visual spectrum. Under the broad umbrella of this vision, our current research mainly focuses on areas including

  • Wireless Sensing and Analytics: Building large-scale practical sensing systems for real-world applications
  • Contactless Healthcare and Eldercare: Harnessing non-intrusive wireless sensing technologies for smart healthcare and eldercare applications
  • Robotic Tracking and Perception: Advancing robotic tracking and perception capabilities with wireless sensing AI
  • Automotive In-Cabin Sensing: Building smart sensing systems for smart cars, especially by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Radio-Visual Sensing and Learning: Exploring the opportunities of combining radio sensing and visual learning for advanced Wireless AI Perception


We have postdoc/RAP openings in wireless sensing and mobile computing. If you are interested in working with us, send me an email at Strong candidates can apply for the HKU Presidential RAP Scheme.

Undergraduate Students at HKU

Undergraduate students who are excited about research are welcome to contact me for potential research opportunities. If you are an HKU student in CS/EEE or related fields and are interested in my research, please send me an email. I will try to find a time to meet and discuss possible projects.

On-campus visit

Our lab is part of the Department of Computer Science, at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Our lab is located at the Room 101 in Haking Wong Building of HKU.